ALMANI Biz Export JUTE to Canada and many others country. We scouring Jute for many buyer in worldwide.  

Bangladeshi jute known as ‘golden fibre’ because of the quality of jute it produced. Globally jute is the second most important vegetable fibre after cotton in regard to terms of usage, production, and availability. Jute fibre is a totally natural biodegradable and compostable fibre obtained from the jute plant and it is therefore an extremely attractive renewable resource for those who give top priority to environmental and ecological concerns.

For centuries, Bangladeshi Jute dominates the world market for its higher quality fibers. JUTE was the single most important export item of Bangladesh till the end of 1980s. Still jute is one of the largest export oriented industries in Bangladesh and its contribution to the national economy is significant.

Bangladeshi jute is traditionally being used in both packaging of food grade materials and industrial packaging. It also used for various kinds of shopping bags, promotional bags and geo-textiles as Below.